Families Together

Families Together is an innovative new project which aims to provide families experiencing hardship due to in-work poverty with the resilience, skills and resources necessary to become more self-sufficient in overcoming the disadvantages they face.

This is achieved through a package of interventions aimed at addressing the specific consequences of low pay i.e. low disposable income, poor diet, ill-health and debt, all of which put strains on family relations and circumstances. We offer support on a one to one or group basis, provide accredited and non-accredited courses and informal workshops. The skills development element of the project supports the accredited training available to increase a family’s ability to improve their mobility within the employment market.

We want to empower individuals to take control of their lives and help them build resilience for their families’ futures.

Support is clustered around 4 pillars of activity: Employability, Resilience, Money Matters and Self-Sufficency

The project is funded by the BIG Lottery in Wales.

Mae Teuluoedd Gyda'i Gilydd yn brosiect newydd arloesol sy'n anelu at ddarparu teuluoedd sy'n dioddef caledi oherwydd tlodi mewn gwaith neu sy'n sownd mewn cylch cyflog isel/dim cyflog â'r gwydnwch, y sgiliau a'r adnoddau angenrheidiol i ddod yn fwy hunangynhaliol o ran goresgyn yr anfanteision y maent yn eu gwynebu.

Caiff hyn ei gyflawni drwy becyn o ymyrraeth sy'n anelu at fynd i'r afael â chanlyniadau penodol cyflog isel: incwm gwario isel, deiet gwael, iechyd gwael, a dyled - pob un ohonynt yn rhoi straen ar berthnasau teuluol, yn ogystal â'u hamgylchiadau. Caiff y cymorth ei glystyru o gwmpas tri piler: gwydnwch a lles, hunangynhaliaeth a datblygu sgiliau.

Caiff y prosiect ei ariannu gan y Loteri FAWR yng Nghymru.

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