From 2010 to 2014, we delivered the Family Goals Programme.  The overall aim of the project was to help families overcome the barriers to employment.  Family Goals provided holistic solutions to families experiencing multiple problems, including low skills, debt, housing and health issues which made finding a job difficult.   It project generated a Social Return on Investment in the range of  £3.00 to £3.50 indicating its value as an intervention in addressing economic inactivity.

Unemployment and long-term worklessness are damaging for people, and for society. For the individual, lack of work and hope for the future leads to low self-esteem, an absence of aspiration, material poverty, poor health and social exclusion. Even more disheartening is the inter-generational impact of worklessness, which has an adverse effect on the well-being of children and grandchildren as they grow up, as well as increasing the likelihood of them becoming out of work for long periods as adults.

Support on offer included:

  • Dedicated Key Worker Support
  • Confidence building workshops
  • Money and debt advice
  • Housing support
  • Transport Support
  • Computer training workshops
  • Employability skills training
  • Work and volunteering placements
  • Self-employment support

Family Goals was delivered under contract to the BIG Lottery Funds Life Skills programme, supported by the European Social Fund which is managed by the Welsh Government.   The project was selected by the BIG Lottery Fund as a case study on its online Good Causes directory.