Tracey* was referred to the SYMF project by the Youth Offending Team. Whilst at school and despite additional support being put in place, Tracey struggled with the environment and formal structure of the educational system.  These struggles left him with feelings of frustration and occasional angry outbursts which unfortunately led to slower development in key areas such as literacy and numeracy. When Tracey joined SYMF he had confidence issues, was reluctant to meet SYMF staff without his support worker and would avoid all eye contact.

Despite his lack of confidence Tracey attended all scheduled sessions with SYMF completing a Work Related Education unit in Interview Skills and updated his CV with his most recent experience and qualifications.

Whilst engaged on the project Tracey was experiencing conflict within the family home.  He decided this wasn’t the best environment for him to grow and progress so he requested assistance from the Youth Offending Team who supported him to secure temporary accommodation through the Wallich homelessness project.

Securing this accommodation has given Tracey a greater level of independence and his confidence has since been on an upward curve.  He engages well with SYMF staff, communicates freely without the need for support and talks positively about future employment goals.  Furthermore; Tracey now engages with Yellow Wales; though not strictly supported by them, he takes part in accredited courses such as rock climbing and engages with his peers’ voluntary and recreational sessions/events.

Due to the progress Tracey has made both on the project and in his personal life he has met with the Employment Liaison Officer to discuss finding a work placement, he is keen to work with horses.


*Name has been changed