Issac was referred to the Community Challenge project by Careers Wales, who advised that he was lacking motivation. He cancelled numerous initial appointments with CBSA staff to discuss and sign up to the project, but he eventually attended a meeting at the Careers Office.

Issac was very nervous during the meeting. He was physically shaking and could not make eye contact. He gave one word answers, and said he did not want to take part in any training. After ten minutes, CBSA staff made a breakthrough when Connor said he was interested in IT, but he was still adamant that he would not undertake any training with others. Issac stated he would only meet staff at the Careers office, as he knew how to get there and did not want to go somewhere else.

A week later, Issac was persuaded to join a short preparation for interview workshop. The workshop was going to take place in the Phoenix Centre at Townhill, and CBSA staff would meet him outside the Careers office, and accompany him to the training venue.

Issac sent a text message to staff the night before, saying that he was not sure if he could attend as he had things to do. Recognising this as one of Issacs avoidance tactics, staff once again persuaded him to come by letting him know it was just an hour and a one to one session. Issac reluctantly agreed to attend.

On the day of the workshop, Issac turned up at Careers as promised, and made his way to the Phoenix centre with staff. He was introduced to the receptionist and the librarians at the centre, and took part in the workshop. Issac started to open up, and explained how he had completed a practice interview at college and remembered some of the advice. He also started to express an interest in looking for work, and it was agreed that he should write down five jobs he would be interested in, and start working on a CV. Connor also agreed to attend a first aid course, and said he would like to get out and about more.

Issac contacted staff a week after this session, asking for assistance with his CV, as he was unsure how to proceed. This was a massive step for Issac, he was making a real effort and asking for support which he had never done before.  Staff continue to work with Issac, and his confidence is building all the time. 

Issac will be taking his First Aid qualification through Community Challenge in the very near future.

Community Challenge is part of the Active Inclusion Programme, which is managed by WCVA and funded by the European Social Fund via Welsh Government