Arwyn* was referred to SYMF following a vehicle related offence and involvement with YOT bureau. Following this referral Arwyn outlined his desire to improve his communication skills together with being able to develop his interpersonal skills on a personal and professional level outside of his peer group, along with improving and developing his CV.

During his time on SYMF Arwyn took part in an employability programme, in order to take part in this programme he has had to overcome transport and medical related barriers. Such was his desire to succeed Arwyn has independently utilised his support network to arrange transportation to the interview venue. As a result of this he has attended all his training sessions, displayed a positive attitude throughout and he excelled during his mock interview. At the conclusion of training he felt confident and prepared to progress to a placement, desirably in car sales.

Due to Arwyn's commitment and overall attitude SYMF began a search for suitable work placements within his local area. Contact was made with a car sales company who were willing to overlook Arwyn’s offence, this was followed by an interview which went very well and led to an offer of a work placement. This placement will give him the opportunity to learn new skills as well as continue to develop his confidence.

The opportunity to take part on SYMF has allowed Arwyn to become more focused on his ambitions and the direction he wants to take in his career. Arwyn hopes to secure a permanent position in car sales following his placement and would also like to utilise his I.T skills to publicise and market the company he is working at.

*Names have been changed.