MOVING FORWARD shows Anne that Every Little Helps.

The CBSA team not only arrange and manage the work placement aspect of the Moving Forward project, but also deliver training in basic skills and employability throughout Mid and West Wales.

Prior to joining MOVING FORWARD, Anne had attended many training schemes and placements but they did not met her needs and as a result, she left each one early. She kept trying but was let down by each project she attended, so was understandably nervous when she came to Moving Forward. 

When she first attended training, Anne was struggling with very low self-esteem. In order to boost her confidence, training staff constructed a personal development plan that took into account Anne’s needs, goals and career aspirations. A tailored support package was put in place to ensure she could make every success of the opportunity Moving Forward provided.

Anne’s confidence grew during training and she worked hard to concentrate and focus on her learning. During sessions, she improved her knowledge and understanding in Maths, and learned how to present herself during a job interview. This was followed by a testing mock interview, so that Anne would have some experience of attending one in real life.

Elinor Walsh, Project Co-ordinator said “Anne worked hard throughout training, and flew through her mock interview. She came across as confident and capable, and maintained good eye contact throughout. She will be an asset to any employer.”

Anne said “I was so nervous for the mock interview – it was so real. Lucy and Dale, my CBSA trainers, calmed me down and went through my answers again, and told me that I can do it. I was a little bit confused when I was asked a question I hadn’t practiced, but I just stayed calm and thought about it, and gave my honest answer. It was brilliant being able to practise before the real thing, and it wasn’t that bad really – it was just like a chat!”

Anne completed the training programme, and with the help of her Employment Liaison Officer sourced a placement with a large supermarket as a sales assistant. Anne continues to thrive in her new role, making new friends and learning new skills through work.

*Identities have been changed