04th July 2018

By Vanessa Bolton - Families Together Project Officer

Families Together has been busy delivering a series of snapshot sessions in Family Centres across Carmarthenshire. We have sown seeds and upcycled our way along and soon our families will be tasting the fruit (or veg in this case), of their labour with their own home grown produce. Growing your own vegetables is not that difficult and with a bit of effort (and remembering to water them), you can be harvesting your own potatoes in no time!



One of our favourite sessions recently has to be the Taste Testing Brand Comparison. We simply compared a branded product with a non-branded product without revealing which is which until after the tasting! We obviously chose the essentials – cake, crisps, chocolate etc. as these sometimes are where the budget goes a little astray! Surprising, we found many of our tasters either could not tell the difference or preferred the non-branded product which ultimately saved money. It can easily be done with a group of friends, everyone brings a product to compare so you can try different ones without spending a fortune.




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