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Hours of Work

Full time – 37.5 hours per week - Monday to Friday with a 4.00p.m finish on Friday.

Part time – CBSA have members of staff working part time and flexible hours.

A Flexi-Time programme is operational throughout the organisation which allows the variation of start and finish times.



CBSA Limited run a stakeholder pension plan and adhere to any changes in regulation.


Work Life Balance

CBSA Limited has policies on parental leave, homeworking, carers and compassionate leave.   We also have a Policy which sets out our commitment to supporting Work Life Balance for all our employees.   Job Share will be considered for many positions within the organisation



Our employees are entitled to 25 days holiday in each 'holiday year' (pro rata for part time staff and in the first and last years of employment).   Our holiday year runs from April to March.  This is equivalent to 33 days, including statutory days and bank holidays, each year. Staff gain an additional one day’s holiday per full working year up to a maximum of 30.   


Performance Review and Personal Development

All employees participate in an annual Performance Review, which will

Let staff know how they are performing in their role

Set goals and targets for the coming year

Gives an opportunity to talk about further training

In terms of personal development; this can take many forms.   Often on the job training is the most effective way to develop.   However, we have a range of programmes such as inwork mentoring to help employees progress.


Professional Subscriptions 

CBSA Limited will reimburse the cost of professional membership or subscriptions to professional bodies and journals where the individual’s role expressly requires it.  Job descriptions will specify whether the role requires such membership or subscription.


Welsh Language

CBSA Limited is committed to promoting the Welsh language. Members of staff wishing to learn Welsh will be encouraged and supported.



Internal Communication at CBSA Limited is important.   We use a wide variety of channels to communicate, ensuring all staff are given the right information at the right time, helping them to do their job.   Mechanism include 

Monthly informal information sharing sessions

Quarterly Staff Newsletters

Quarterly team meetings


Employee Volunteering

We take our commitment to responsible business practices very seriously.   As part of this commitment, each year, we will select our charity of choice and commit to a fund raising programme.

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