In 2016 we celebrated 30 years of helping make society a fairer place.

Who We Are:

We make communities stronger by:

  • creating meaningful employment
  • assisting people to remove obstacles to work
  • working with families to overcome disadvantages caused by poverty and austerity
  • partnering with responsible, small businesses to deliver added benefit to their local areas

Our Origins:

The organisation started in 1986 as a community development agency that helped unemployed young men and women gain the skills and confidence required by employers, as well as providing practical support to local community groups.

In 1989, we developed into a specialist youth enterprise agency – the first such agency in Wales. The agency worked with unemployed young people to make self–employment a positive option, through the provision of training and advice, together with incubator workshop space. Over the following fifteen or so years, the organisation continued to evolve expanding its business support work but at the same time remaining true to its values of social justice through developing a portfolio of activities which focused on addressing social inequality. We take this approach because of our belief that sustainable growth can only happen when the two actions go hand in hand.