CBSA is an a new breed of organisation; bridging the divide between business, individuals and community

Business Support

Building on nearly 30 years of experience of helping businesses, our business support consultancy offers a range of support and advice. Through our consultants we offer help with business start-up, mentoring, training, work force development and ICT diagnostics.

Social Action

Our social action projects are varied and have a wide ranging impact:

We support people into employment

Being able to find and hold down a job increases people’s life chances and that’s why many of our projects for both young people and adults focuses on providing support to get into work and stay in work. We help people find opportunities, we match their skills and experience to find the right career path, we provide practical advice and support in putting together a CV and help with interview skills. Knowing that this is not enough we go further and through our extensive business network offer job shadowing, tasters and paid work placements. Further, once someone has a job we continue to support them so they stay motivated and remain in work.

We support individuals whether in work or not to better cope with adversity.

We appreciate that people irrespective of age have difficult and troubled home lives. The reasons are multiple and varied and it can be hard to find a way out and see a better future. This is why many of our projects focus on developing resilience and self-confidence as well as offering practical support to address and ameliorate poverty.

We help strengthen and support communities

By listening to communities, whether geographic or communities of interest, we seek through our forums and networks to understand their needs and priorities. At every opportunity we are led by what communities articulate and we involve them in the design and production of initiatives.

Partnering with Small Businesses

CBSA recognises that the small business sector is well-placed to help deliver solutions to some of the key social challenges faced by today’s society through the provision of a range of activities, including mentoring, sponsorship, skill development, work placements, volunteering or charitable giving. Therefore, we invite small businesses to become members of CBSA. In return for a range of services we ask for their commitment to partner with us and help deliver our social projects and address some of the most deep rooted challenges in our communities